Yoga and Vegetarianism : The diet of Enlightenment

Aino Apple

I read this beautiful book a time ago and meanwhile already two times!
I bought it after taking a Jivemukti Yoga class in one of their studios in Berlin. At this time I had no idea that soon I would also be a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and even would meet the author of this book, Sharon Gannon.
I was already vegan when I started to read it and knew already many of the things explained in it. But to see nutrition also from a spiritual point of view made me really curious to learn more about this!
In karmic law it’s said, that every action you do will have a result, one day coming back to you! So if we eat meat or any dairy products, we do harm to animals, the nature and even other people whose land is taken away just to have crops to feed the animals…

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