Raw vegan zucchini lasagne

Was ein Gericht!

Aino Apple

Another one of my favorite raw food dishes!! Raw vegan Lasagne!
After having it a lot of times I finally found my favorite combination of veggis to create a super delicious lasagne!
The noodles are made of zucchini, just cut plates with a potato peeler!
For the filling you need:
• tomatoes
• sweet potato
• carrot
• walnuts
• dried tomatoes
• onions or spring onions
• lemon
• avocado
• fresh herbs like basil or parsley
Cut all in pieces and make first a layer of zucchini pasta, then of different veggis, again pasta, veggis again as long as all is used! Then give walnuts over the last layer and sprinkle it with lemon juice.
Make sure that you put enough avocado inside to have it creamy and extra tasty!!
And of course you could take also other ingredients, or if all raw is too much for you…

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